Kabak ● Wyspa Flamingów socks

Considering that I showed you two days ago a pair of socks with shrimps, yesterday an abstract geometric design on some other socks, you should already know Kabak a bit by now. I told you already how this brand hailing from Warsaw has the kind of energy that I like, coming from a tight group of creative friends, so I don’t need to tell you this again, ok?


I can use this last post on the 3 days special on Kabak socks to tell you what I feel looking at this pair of jacquard socks. I feel like if I would love going to places where Flamingos Pink are chilling at large. Wyspa Flamingów stands as a matter of fact for Flamingo Island in Polish.


If I go on with my visionary post I would also love to observe them for hours in complete attention. No smartphone, no friends, no earplugs. Just letting the beauty of these birds whisper in my ears the true reason for living. Watching Flamingos gather in a large group would make me jealous of such regal allure without even having a plan for the day after. Is the reason for living witnessing the beauty of nature or is it complete freedom? How about both?!


I can’t figure out a bird that is more classy and nonchalant at the same time. Its thin long legs separate him from the rest, letting everybody know once again that… size do matters.


But then if I go back to my duties as a blogger I remember that I should not be nonchalant to what I still have left to write. All Kabak socks are available online. Thanks to the super kind Michela P for modeling these items. Go to my YouTube channel and peep the making of video by Ema Nema. Freedom to blog, that must be the reason for living, by the way.
Shop online for this item here > http://kabak.com.pl/kategoria/skarpetki/wyspa-flamingow
Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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