Kali King ● 25 to life jersey

My quest to show you alternative Kali King items beside its much in demand Big K pants doesn’t stop. I showed you last time an alternative to sweatpants with G Carpenter denim and today my focus is on this 25 to life jersey.

Paying homage to the streetwear culture that saw football jerseys as another way to bring sports related apparel into everyday outfits, Kali King puts its knowledge into designing a state of the art jersey.

Even some high fashion brands tried to have a go in this field but as it always happens “real recognize real” and nothing street flavored can come from a clean studio where you send your intern to make coffees and your main designer thinks that a cut from a DJ concerns purity of hard drugs and not a typical way to mix records in hip hop. How can we forget about Supreme’s jersey worn by Rihanna in Fashion Killa clip with A$ap Rocky back in 2013?

25 to Life stays true to hood principles: your gear has to be fly and it is designed to last. No doubt on both these principles: this jersey is lit enough to be seen from distance and the craftsmanship is all but cheap. Look how neat the Old English embroidery on top is and even inside the numbers you have a texture where you can see clearly an all over Kalifornia King pattern.

Like it wasn’t enough you even have graphics on the back. The font on top is changed while the number stays the same. Pay attention on how every piece of mesh is carfeully stitched, even on the sleeves for a final result that shows no weak spots.

Such accurate production is not over with what you see. Even for what concerns internal labeling and branding this Kali King item is keeping up with the standard that made it blow up, with the quality of the items and word of mouth alone.

Stay connected with the brand with the only official Instagram page @therealkaliking to keep this brand in check.

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