Kali King ● Band Joggers

It’s something that I saw happen from last Summer Seek tradeshow in Berlin: retro bands on the side of your track jackets and sweatpants are the rage. Blame it on 90s fever that doesn’t seem to be over anytime soon. Blame it on sportswear presence in streetwear stronger than ever, but the band trend is here to stay.


You should know Kali King by now. This brand does it in its own way, not caring about how copycats say that it should be done: it is too busy being a symbol of individuality out of the great scheme of things. At the same time being a brand inspired by the golden age hip hop that ruled New York during the 90s, it was supposed to happen and so it went: Kali King dropped its version of the joggers with bands.


While other brands include press buttons and vivid colors in the graphics of the band, these Kali King Band Joggers are old school just like the Old English font of its K, as you can see from the embroidery over the pockets. Avoiding any fancy color palette here the designer relied on a timeless black and white colorway.


Looking at these shots the other feature that becomes evident is its fit. The retro jogger with bands as we know it has been updated here with a baggy fit, that makes this item a coherent part of the Kali King collection.


The winning formula of this brand is a diffusion based on quality and word of mouth alone. It’s not an accident that you won’t find Kali King on any online store and that there are no social media telling you stories.


The moral of the story is that you are free to choose in life but each and every choice contributes to define who you are. The question is: are you a follower or a Kali King?
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