Kali King ● Big K Ball shorts

I can almost hear Run DMC “Down with the king”, starting to write this post. Well, prove me wrong: I’m posting a Kali King item and by the fact that I’m posting it, you have proof that… I’m down.

The OG streetwear brand that started to make moves around 2000 is a young urban demographic favorite and this makes me happy to post it: I am giving you the people choice. With Spring officially started and the need to enjoy good weather to the fullest Kali King kindly sent in a pair of Big K Ball Shorts.

It is no secret: the brand conquered the heart of millennials with its huge Old English K on the side so with this item the brand keeps on following the winning plot but this time with the good weather in mind. No fleece pants then: instead this time you have a pair of shorts made of mesh. Their design is inspired by basketball shorts but with a couple of key features that are hardly found in this category. No need to have anything in your pockets when you are balling on the court, while when you are roaming through in urban territory you may need a pocket to put phone and keys.

Here not only you have it but you also have a zipper to avoid things falling out of it. Extra, extra: your zipper pull is golden and it is shaped like your favorite capital K. Remember when we first saw it? When I posted Big K Red Bandana pants 3 years ago. Considering how functional it would be another “reliable” pocket, the little one on the back has a zipper too, so as far as function this pair of shorts is ready to live the city just as you want.

This red camo pattern is what you can easily match to your favorite sneakers, making this your next go-to pair of shorts for the good weather.

On a final note I have two suggestions. The first is to always check for inside labels in order to identify an original Kali King item.

The second is to follow (and engage with) The Real Kali King Instagram profile. You too can be down with the King!

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