Kali King ● Big K Camo tee

Let’s venture in an often forgotten side of streetwear: the streets. While some brands drop streetwear items to look fresh at the club or to put together a personal informal office attire, Kali King holds it down in the hood. The brand that started to pop here and there all over the territory is giving us another taste of the streets here with the Big K Camo tee.

It’s not the first time that I feature this brand on The Maxiemillion: do you remember those Red Bandanna sweatpants that got you hyped on the return of an “in your face” style that was missing? The same Old English K has been turned into a t-shirt with a totally different pattern. This time we get to see how Kali King deals with the war colors that streetwear fell in love with since day 1: camouflage.

Is it a war to conventional fashion or a way to celebrate a non belligerent protest against armies and establishment? It’s a mix of the two but one thing is sure: camouflage tones have always been part of streetwear (the fourth post ever of this blog was a camo item) and even if regular fashion stole this element from us, it’s back where it belongs sound and safe.

With the same solid craftsmanship that will allow you to wash this item over and over, the woodland camo pattern is printed on a silky fabric stitched to the body of the tee with the utmost care.

It’s not over. This t-shirt here worn by Elena S doesn’t limit its design to the front: its back has Kali screen printed on top just to set this item apart from the washed out streetwear items flooding the market. Do yourself a favor: represent the realness if you love a ruff, rugged and raw lifestyle, don’t fake the funk!

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