Kali King ● Big K Gold Mine shorts

What would your summer be without a pair of Kali King shorts? Then again, what would your life be without a blog like mine that can give you all the aspects of street style?!

The Maxiemillion is a neat reflection of all the different flavors that you can find in this exact science called streetwear. I try to be the most open possible that’s why from avantgarde backpacks, to skate magazines merchandising you can find the ultimate range of items when you approach my blog. Including Kali King.

The uncontrolled brand that is driving everyone crazy with its strong retro impact is back on The Maxiemillion with the retro vibe we love, this time with a pair of shorts. Without changing anything from the original formula, Big K Gold Mine Shorts are a variation on the theme of the Red Bandanna sweatpants that we saw for the first time here a year ago.

Designed with Summer in mind this item here worn by Halidou S is made entirely of terry cloth, pairing the sporty heather grey with urban luxe favorite color: gold. Major attention has been given to any detail, starting with the impressive definition of this Gold Mine pattern that you can see clearly inside the giant K on the side.

Giving a look to the waist we have a branded tape inside in case you want to wear it inside out, telling everybody who is the Kalifornia King.

One of the best features of these shorts is the asymmetrical cut that allows you to have a large embroidery on one side and a zipper pocket on the other. Not an average one: a pocket whose zipper pull is an Old English golden capital K.

Let them shine in a plain outfit like we did in these pictures. I would avoid to overcharge them with a graphic tee, being these shorts enough impressive on its own. There is no Kali King official website but I have seen a few of these on the news section of Skate Eight shop. Tell them that I sent you…

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