Kali King ● Big K Kalifornia tee

It ain’t hard to explain: try to go out on any given day if you live in Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and surrounding areas and you will see someone rocking the Big K. Kali King made a name for itself in a total different way if you compare it to what other brands do. No big name vips endorsing the brand, no communication campaign that could turn anyone into a believer were its key to success.

It is rather a matter of an actual rebel attitude, a lifted middle finger dedicated to institutional fashion because this is actually streetwear, in case you forgot it. In parallel the quality of any Kali King item shows an attention to detail that defines a unique craftsmanship. An average t-shirt is usually screen printed but this adjective doesn’t really belong to this brand. Accurate in its production, in fact on this tee you have screenprinting, applique and embroidery contributing to make this a standout t-shirt.

The brand here opted for a pattern that keeps the branding Kalifornia King on repeat, becoming an well defined applique with embroidered outline. Even that black Old English branding on the front is embroidered while the Kali on the back is printed, contributing to maintain the level of this brand at a high standard.

Join with this tee the league of street kids out there rocking Kali King because you want to, not because someone else brainwashes you into doing so. Take out the closet those baggy denims, don’t look any further, and give them the right contextualization with this t-shirt. A bold tee and a fit that puts forward retro aesthetics is all you need to look good (as long as you are confident).

The underexposure of this brand is its secret, so instead of torturing Google to buy online this object of desire, I have a simpler suggestion.

Once you open @therealkaliking on Instagram you have to ask to the shops that are followed. Those are the original retailers dealing with this brand and they sticked around for a long time. You can try to tell them that The Maxiemillion sent you but it’s not sure that this will grant you a remarkable discount…

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