Kali King ● Capital K beanie

I love to give coverage to every voice from the streets here on The Maxiemillion. Some of you may like more established brands for a clean image while some others want to represent the retro sportswear wave. How about skateboarders that have a deep love for their world rather than die hard hip hop fans with the same approach? I give some room to the latter today considering that, believe it or not, not everyone fell inside this hypebeast trap where streetwear fans buy designer clothes to look bad, spending a lot of money.

It’s quite a few seasons that Kali King is pushing a genuine OG style that brings it all back to the source. Comfortable wide fits, loud prints, accurate embroideries and a celebration of a lifestyle larger than life are the foundation of this brand that in a unique way, blew up by word of mouth alone.

Notorious for its denim pants and baggy sweatpants with the Capital K in Old English on the side, today we venture in another section: headwear.

The first approach of the brand in this field is on a folded beanie. With its mid length and the embroidered K on the front you can expect this Capital K beanie to be seen around the city, worn by young fans of the brand.

Peep these shots of Gaia B and think of how this headwear piece may blend with your style. With its perfectly executed embroidery, that you can keep in the center or you can tilt it slightly on the side, you will show how you feel, being a Kalifornia King in the city. As I told you before there is no website and no online sale of this brand, which makes finding this brand even more exciting. Start your hunt now: it’s called streetwear also because shops are out there on the streets, otherwise it would be computerwear…

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