Kali King ● Crash t-shirt

The streets talk louder than my blog when it comes to Kali King. Just walk in Milan any afternoon and there is a recurring sight among the sweatpants that made the crossover from sport to go-to everyday urban item. It’s a big Old English K stitched on the side with care, beside being tough and durable. Big K pants is their name and looking flamboyant is the game.

The young demographic into trap music whose dreams are larger than life is identifying with this brand to the point of having several pants with different patterns and hardly accept any substitute. I had the pleasure to cover this phenomenon already when I first posted Kali King Red Bandanna Sweatpants, two years ago. This lead me to show you a part of the proposal of the brand that is often neglected but not any less interesting: t-shirts.

If earlier on we ventured in this territory with items like King’s Dead t-shirt and before that with Big K Camo tee, today we give a look to Crash t-shirt. The graphic approach of this design seems to blend several different worlds together. It may be worn by a punk in Carnaby street during the late 70s with a leather jacket just like by any trapper or celebrity keeping up with the “raw twist” that high fashion is having lately.

With such a name the design can be easily traced back to a broken mirror while looking at it from another perspective can almost look like a web (that is a favorite subject for… punk tattoos). With its large print covering the entire front panel, this t-shirt is the ideal complement of an outfit with an open shirt or vest. To complete its design there is an embroidery at the bottom, close to the hem, of the gothic branding that played a big part in Kali King success.

Get Kali King while it’s dripping. Its limited circulation is key so the list of shops that carry this brand are followed by The real Kali King Instagram profile and can’t be found on any website. Even mystery is key…

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