Kali King ● G Carpenter denim

While all the shops and the fans of the brand are waiting for Kali King Spring delivery I went to dig in the warehouse of the brand. My intention was to bring out something that shows the real Kali King potential.

Digging really deep I saw these denim pants and I couldn’t be more stoked on what I have found. With the classic pocket scheme borrowed from workwear, these G Carpenter denim are a return of the 90’s vibe that couldn’t be more effective.

With a loose fit that is almost baggy, these pants bring retro coolness to your outfit with a craftsmanship that is all but average. Made of raw unwashed denim, this style shows an approach to design very different the beloved Big K Pants that most kids are crazy for.

On the left side of the back pocket you have the embroidered texture inspired by that Italian high end brand. Flirting with high fashion is not a new thing but rather something that is deeply rooted in hip hop DNA. Do you remember when Dapper Dan was creating bootleg designer jackets for the hip hop superstars at the end of the 80s? Well, it’s a typical case of “the apple never falls far from the tree”, and with such strong roots it all makes sense.

On the other pocket you have the same pattern with the trademark Big K logo whose placement goes beyond the area of the pocket for what could be called an XL branding.

Such embroidered K can be found in smaller dimensions on the coin pocket on the front too. Looking closely you may notice that even the button and the rivets show proper branding.

How could a denim pant be called in this way without a leather patch on the back? No worries: nothing is missing as you can see. Wear this denim just like you would do with your old one: nothing is out of place with it. Oh, by the way are you following the new Kali King official Instagram profile? Do it now!

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