Kali King ● King’s Dead t-shirt

Kali King pants are taking up streetwear stores by storm. It was a minute that in Milan area there was no underground phenomenon like this, breaking the hearts of young urban individuals. Going out of the house, is not so uncommon to see students at bus stops showing off their infamous Big K pants.

This reason took me to show you another side of Kali King, that maybe slipped off your radar, but not any less important: t-shirts. The hood inspired aesthetics of the brand this time revolves around an activity that has always been en vogue among pimps and hustlers: gambling. Be it dice game or poker, the mission, when resources are limited to a minimum, is to multiply your income and this is one of the favorite pastimes in the hood since day one. That’s why the baller in you is whispering that you should rock a King’s Dead tee: for the love of the game.

Kali King flamboyant aesthetics here are maintained intact with a large dimension of the print that surely makes it visible. There is a reflective component in this crimson shade of red used for the screen printing treatment that makes it stand out on any nocturnal picture when a flash is involved. Street life is no secret for Kali King that serves you its trademarked Ks in the corners of the card. It’s a matter of making your name heard out there, like hip hop taught us all. From graffiti to apparel, you give your artistic vision, according to your skills, to the hood that is going to… remember your name.

So if with Big K Pants this letter is in large dimensions, here branding is almost hidden, unless you turn your back to let the Kali in its Old English lettering show up. Remember when we saw that same print on the Big K Camo t-shirt?

Go to your local streetwear shop and start hunting for this Kali King t-shirt: scarcity is one of the side effects of its success…

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