Kali King ● Lil Ks t-shirt

Summer is here and it’s pretty hot. Keep your t-shirts in rotation because this is one of the fun parts of this season. Streetwear brands give their best to this part of their collections: don’t forget that when you walk with their branding on your chest you become a living billboard and nobody wants to have an unappealing advertisement in the streets.

Kali King has a few new tees out now and they are all smashing but this one in particular caught my attention. Called Lil Ks (as a way to juxtapose to Big K pants) this t-shirt is keeping up with the same level of quality that the brand got you used to. Do not forget that the strength of Kali King relies mostly on word of mouth generated by the top craftsmanship of the items themselves.

The tee shows four Ks representing twice the name of the brand, whose iconic K is now everywhere on the streets, from jackets to pants. Including the mandatory Los Angeles Dodgers blue, that only adds a hefty dose of California love, The Old English font logo is a classic in street style that overcomes the challenge of time. How nice is the contrast among fresh apparel and a font that goes back to Middle Age?! Embroidered with the utmost care the design of this t-shirt doesn’t stop with the embroideries on the chest.

Show how much you love freedom of thought and individualism with the circle A part of the embroidery below, close to the hem. Match to this tee any item with royal blue details and live your life like a true California king in order to rock this tee as you should. Imagine this item worn with a Dodgers cap and with your favorite all white sneaker. Classic but crisp, if I may say so but no matter how you perceive this item, this brand will always make you stand out once you get out of your home.

Kali King is the new new so you’d better be fast to cop it if you are all about love for streetwear in the OG sense.

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