Kali King ● Big K Red Bandanna

Usually a brand is born from a vision of someone that sees an opportunity in the market. Then the founder looks for one or more associates to bring his vision to life and just before dropping its first products the brand creates the need for it through communication. Then there is all the distribution and logistics part but we are not dealing with it, we focus on the concepts of branding and communication.


Kali King came in the big picture unexpectedly subverting a bit all the above but the opportunity part. The niche in the market was represented by those that wanted to dress with a loud old school hip hop style. If you are knee deep into a world where street fashion seems a lie to you since you are all about the love for classic rap music and your circle of friends is all that matters to you, why should you waste your time and money trying to be something that you are not?


So without a website, any social media of sort but with a strong world of mouth process and most of all a very high level of craftsmanship, Kali King entered the streetwear chamber just like the skilled freestyler that nobody heard before enters a hip hop jam.


It’s safe to say that with items like this Red Bandanna sweatpants if you are in love with the OG Style, you are not going to find anything like this around these days.


Retro hood style to the fullest is what we are dealing with here. The applique is perfectly embroidered and the zipper at the cuffs has a blingin’ custom gold pull.


Checking more details you may find custom taping on the waist band that shows the words Kalifornia King, in case you flip it inside out, and another embroidery on the back, just above the back pocket.


All you have to do is ask your local streetwear store to carry the brand but don’t ask more infos to me: I told you all I know…

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