Kali King ● Roses Varsity

Kali King gave us updates last season when we had the chance to see Big K Gold Mine Shorts but here we have its first jacket ever and I couldn’t be happier to post it.

Giving a look to the current state of seasonal jackets we can notice that there are still bombers around but it has been a trend with a significant traction for too many seasons to last any longer. Then there are goose jackets and workwear inspired jackets but I have seen signals of the comeback of the varsity, that stayed off the radar for a few years now.

In order to stay true to the streets (enjoying a good quality / price rate at the same time) now you can wear Kali King Roses Varsity, a tough nylon jacket ready to conquer the city with its flamboyant appeal.

The inspiration is deeper than you may think. While it could be easy to see the colors of that high end Italian maison here you couldn’t be more far from the truth. Red, black and green are the colors picked by Marcus Garves as the flag of Pan-African nation. That’s why back at the end of the 80s A Tribe called Quest used such colors to represent what they stood for: unity and freedom of Afro American people.

Wear this to go to school or to the next rap event and you will get nothing but nods of approval and high fives. With its big K on the front and roses on the back this jacket is ready to represent the finesse of the heartbreaker from the hood that sends roses to his girl.

Check closely and you will see the custom press buttons with the K that add flavor to this jacket.

On that note, check how crisp is the custom lining with its allover pattern. I bet that at this point you want to get crisp too but… don’t look for this item online: cop it at your nearest Kali King dealer. Where? Give a look to #kaliking on Insta to discover it…

Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamenti

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