Kali King ● Smile hoodie

A little update from Kali King every now and then can’t be missing so I went down the street to catch genuine urban vibes. Beside Big K pants, the reigning champ of the sweatpants category for what concerns love from fans of the brand, I had the chance to see the new Kali King denim pants but with this post I want to focus on Smile hoodie.

Innovation and original concepts are never missing when you approach the brand that had the fastest organic grow, mostly based on word of mouth. So while another brand of this league may opt for an embroidery and a woven label to create an appealing item, Kali King wanted to show how much actual care for details plays a part as big as world of mouth in its success.

Smile hoodie with its large flat cords, reminding of OG fat laces to reminisce about hip hop golden age, has several reasons to become your favorite top this winter. Aren’t we expressing every mood variation on text messages with emojis? Here you have a few smileys, able to represent how you feel on any given day. These are actually thermo glued patches that are ready to give their best once you rock this hoodie with a sleeveless jacket.

For what concerns the lining of the hood, it has been made with a screenprinted pattern on a light fabric, to enrich the overall design. This often neglected part of the hoodie was just waiting to show its full potential and Kali King totally succeeded in this sense.

If the devil is in the details the trophy here goes to the branding on the bottom, close to the ribbed hem. A brass metal plaque mounted on an eco leather frame makes this item stand out, making it genuine kings material.

The scarcity of this brand makes it a key factor too in its growth. In order to find the item you like the most, be it this or another that you have seen recently, just scroll the list of the profiles followed by Kali King Instagram. There you have the list of the Kali King authorized dealers. Smile, now: you will rock Kali King soon.

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