Kali King ● Web denim shorts

Summer is about to begin. Denim is on the comeback tip. Baggy fit has a strong traction these days. When you put together these facts it goes without saying that you can’t approach next season without a proper pair of Kali King shorts. While recently I showed you Big K Ball shorts, a basketball inspired style, today we go hard on 90’s style. The original hip hop attitude that doesn’t have to be lost is well represented by this item.

Forget other trends: these are the classic low crotch baggy shorts that follow the concept “the more, the merrier”. Embroideries are never too many in Kali King vision, right? This item is no exception. Like the spider on the pocket was resident in these streetwear baggy shorts, you have him controlling the territory on the coins pocket and a web on the left pocket is further confirmation of his influence on this item.

Remember when was the last time that you saw such spider web design? It was a few months ago, when we saw it on a fresh t-shirt called Crash tee. It seems that we finally had an answer to the question: “is it a shattered glass or a spider web?”. It’s a web!

Regardless of what it is, it looks great with the big K that you usually see on the side of Big K pants now covering half of the pocket.

Craftsmanship of the embroidery is what sets this brand apart and even this time the big Old English logo is perfectly incorporated in denim fabric. It is like it becomes a symbol of strength, like a weapon to win the urban style wars, ready to come out of your pocket.

I invite you to give a look to this smooth leather brand patch and you may figure out for yourself how this brand achieved its status of excellence on the streets.

What can you do at this point, convinced by my words that Summer without this piece is a no brainer?! Just browse the profiles followed by The Real Kali King Instagram: the only authorized dealers for this apparel collection are there. Most of them have online shops. All you have to do is pick yours and go with the flow.

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