Kali King ● Big K Red Alert Cargo

It is the last day of this pre-Christmas special on pants. In order to give you my insights on the ever evolving bottom part of out outfits, with Week of Pants I made you figure out different options. The last one to pull the curtain on this special goes to Kali King. I was recently in Milan, where this underground cult is stronger, on a Saturday afternoon and I had the chance to witness what this is all about.


A younger demographic is fascinated by this brand to the point that they hang out in small cliques, all showing with pride their Kali King pants or hoodies. When the streets talk, The Maxiemillion reacts accordingly so here is the latest pant to join the range of this brand.


Big K Red Alert Cargo maintains the same wide fit that this brand got you used to, but with a utility appeal this time. You always have the Big K graphics but this time it is lighter compared to the Big K Gold Mine shorts that we saw last summer: there is a red outline only. Being such embroidery so large, the vision of the designer took him to create an asymmetric cargo pant, with just one pocket on the side instead of two.


Complete with a flap that covers the button, just like the two back pockets, this pant allows you to show your shoes, making the hem tighter, thanks to its cord at the bottom.


More branding, less problems: if the Big K wasn’t enough, you can rely on the right back pocket for an embroidered square with a little K. Right above there is the patch logo that, you guessed it, is made of real leather.


It is a pant designed to show off, to be in your face, impossible to ignore. While I wouldn’t wear it in an office environment, I sure would rock it to go party or to a live show, stealing all the attention. As I told you already, no Kali King website is up, so you have to hunt among the real streetwear stores to cop yours…

Photos courtesy of Ema Nema

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