Kangol ● Aaron Hoodie

A missing link when somebody tries to put together an outfit may lead to catastrophic looks. Not being aware of our own personality in that moment or simply being confused when picking up our clothes for the day are not ideal mindsets. Viceversa when you feel yourself, you are happy and confident (and you want people to know it), that’s when you dare to step out of the comfort zone of your all-black attire. Kangol gives us a helping hand in this sense today with Aaron Hoodie.

Urban territory is the natural environment of this jumping kangaroo that is still ruling in streetwear aficionados circles after many decades. Blame it on the ability of staying contemporary (did you see the recent drop of the flamboyant Kangol x Vision Of Super bucket hat?) or on a level of craftsmanship and design, beside the rich history of the brand, but Kangol headwear items are iconic by definition.

Bringing this level of excellence to apparel with a bold color palette and a large branding is an opportunity not to be missed by the brand that moved its first steps in 1938. A smooth push fleece and a few key details make this hoodie an item not to be missed. Peep its cord tips coated in plastic and you will perceive how an essential item like this may show signs of progression.

We saw this style already if you remember: I posted a black one last season and a white one two seasons ago. But this is for the killer bees, those that go all out and want to be a magnet for attention, expressing an attitude based on fun but with deep respect for the foundation of street culture.

Don’t forget that after it was worn by the likes of The Beatles and Lady D in its early days, Kangol became the essential fly hat that New Yorkers wore.

Kangol legendary saga continues in our corner of Europe with the distribution by Number 15 (whose super rep Renzo Cognini sent over this hoodie). This lead to the creation of Kangol Italy Instagram profile that you should follow by any means. All you got left to do is take out your sting and get ready to hurt uninspired people with this hoodie.

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