Kangol ● Bunker crewneck

Welcome back to the special about the apparel items by Kangol, the brand “Born British, raised in New York” mostly known for its headwear items. We saw the above claim written on a sleeve in the post about T-Bronx t-shirt, here at The Maxiemillion a couple of days ago. As the week about Kangol goes on, thanks to the support of Renzo Cognini, we have a versatile go-to fleece today that is able to add some spice factor to your outfits.

Bunker crewneck is a banger from the get go but its bold logo positioning is only a part of it. Of course being this focal point of the item flocked in burgundy velvet over this dark ochra tone is a choice that gets my approval for a vintage distressed feel that it’s never out of place (if the dosage is correct).

It’s the dark ochra that gets me opened to so many options that i can only be happy about: navy, black, army green jackets would look great with this, not to mention your denim jackets and your best camouflage tops. Its positive vibe is more of a color: it’s the return of De La Soul Daisy Age. On subject of the latter of course the De La Soul classic known as Me, Myself and I had a video featuring a character… rocking a Kangol. It is no surprise considering how the hip hop movement never made its love for this brand a secret fact.

The thing is that the value of authenticity of the brand is so strong that even high fashion has stated more than once that to flirt with Kangol for an headwear piece is a healthy move.

Now extend that same freshness to apparel and it’s time to show off every detail of branding of the kangaroo that saw it all, from hip hop jams in the Bronx to fashion shows in Paris.

Number 15, its italian distributor, is contributing to the brand awareness with Kangol Italy Instagram profile that recently got a strong improvement with interesting content and fans shots. I suggest you to check it out but most of all to come back on Friday for the last item of this Kangol apparel special: a classic that can’t miss in any streetwear aficionado closet…

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