Kangol ● Chuck t-shirt

Our trip to discover Kangol range can’t stop. If at first I showed you some premium headwear pieces like the recent Tropic Ventair Spacecap or even previously Star Stripe 507, not long ago I posted Keys hoodie so I will keep on exploring its apparel section.

The brand whose acronym reflects the original production where the K was for knitting (some say it’s the final K of silk), the ANG was for angora, and the OL was for wool, is around since 1938. In all this time it saw the light of day in the UK, reached the heads of Beatles just like Lady D, then it moved to bigger and better things.

Enter the Big Apple where Kangol lands to start its conquer of the United States. If at the beginning it was LL Cool J and Run DMC, beside Rakim and the rest of the freshest MCs to rock Kangol hats, later on this brand became a key player of the headwear game. This is why we saw Kangol in movies like New Jack City just like in Jackie Brown. This is why the brand distributed by Number 15 can say loud that Kangol is Born British Raised in New York.

On such claim, that evokes the global appeal of the brand that gets love from Russia to Japan, is based the design of this Chuck t-shirt, courtesy of super Kangol agent Renzo Cognini. On a straight “less is more” plot, the design of this tee is as essential as it gets. Having just a couple of graphic element make their impact stronger, starting with the sleeve where you can find the above mentioned claim screenprinted. Do you want to boost to the maximum this item? Wear it with a sleeveless jacket.

Beside the sleeve of course you can find the embroidery on the chest with the almighty kangaroo that ruled over decades of collections of this brand. To end it all there is a little contrasting white woven label at the bottom, on the side. Do I need to tell you how fresh you would look wearing a Kangol item like this, a bit oversized like in these shots of Michi? Give a look to Kangol website and you will come to the conclusion that you can’t live without that nice little kangaroo…

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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