Kangol ● Hidden Layers Bucket

I am happy today to give you the right ender to a week full of Kangol headwear pieces, courtesy of Number 15 and Renzo Cognini. After we gave a look to Urban Utility Bucket on Monday we switched to a more classic silhouette with Seamless Wool 507 on Wednesday only to give you the icing on the cake with Hidden Layers Bucket.

With the standard bucket shape that we all know, with a short inclined brim, this hat has a potential that can’t be compared to anything else. Looking either good on a man or on a woman, this hat gives us two options according to the rest of our outfit. You heard it right: not only its shape is flawless but it’s even reversible.

Finally you have the right matching for those sneakers with red accents, without being forced to opt for a red baseball cap. The lightweight tartan flannel is colorful without being too bright because of the blue base. This solves all your problems of not knowing what to wear to feel really fly.

Now think of a situation where you simply want to keep your head warm and dry from rain, wearing a classy hat that belongs to the Kangol cult worshipped all over the world. Reverse it inside out and you have it.

Quilted and with a much less invasive branding, the navy blue side of this hat can be worn by kids with a thirst for hype just like mature professionals that seek quality in a hat without feeling out of place. It’s with a style like this that the origins of the brand “born British raised in New York” are evident. Don’t you se this as a natural complement in an outfit to endure rainy English weather?

This is only the tip of the iceberg: take some time to chill and browse Kangol website if you are planning to cop your ideal companion for Winter weather of for a last minute gift.

My Kangol week is now over but you may stay updated with the brand following Kangol Italy Instagram profile (so you will know when the Italian website will be up and operational…)

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