Kangol ● Keys hoodie black

All the good things come to an end and our weekly special about Kangol apparel is not different. After on Monday we saw that pocket t-shirt called T-Bronx and on Wednesday we saw the versatile Bunker crewneck I wanted to pull the curtain on this special with a banger.

Prove me wrong, but I don’t see any streetwear garment more popular than the black hoodie and of course Kangol could not miss the opportunity to create a staple piece. Here it is, in all the power of bold branding and essential colors we end our week with Keys Hoodie black.

Yes, my dear regular reader: it’s the same Keys hoodie that we saw last summer, just in its negative colorway… While not everyone may feel a white hoodie (it’s easy to get it dirty, too flashy…), a black hoodie is a winner everywhere, anytime. This French Terry fleece is lightweight and ready for Spring weather but if multilayering is your thing you can wear it with a long sleeve and with a vest and it may become easily a 4 season item.

Regarless of the passion that fills your heart, you may wear it to breakdance or to DJ rather than to go to school: nothing is off limit to such a bold logo. Think of the word “iconic”, often thrown here and there but never fitting better than in our case.

It’s always a matter of communication and this hoodie says a lot of nice things about you. When you rock Kangol you wear a brand that is perceived as headwear excellence, that started to move its first steps in 1938. Later on it became the way to easily identify hip hop fans but as trends changed only the substance remained: Kangol hats are the flyest and its apparel just gets along with at the same rate of coolness, regardless of the music you listen or your favorite activity nowadays.

On an ending note all this apparel courtesy of Renzo Cognini is distributed by Number 15 and to stay updated with new drops by this almighty kangaroo you should follow Kangol Italy Instagram. Now that I gave you all the infos you have no more excuses to look so and so…

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