Kangol ● Keys Hoodie

Kangol is the ultimate when it comes to give a touch of cool to your street style. The brand that saw the light of day in 1938 created iconic hats that withstood the test of time. Think Bermuda Casual or Furgora Casual. But in cases like these it’s easy to develop the range at a point, when the brand can count on a fame that grows exponentially day by day.

It is quite easy to understand. When you are a fan of a brand you develop a sense of loyalty that makes you want more and more of it. An apparel range in this case has become a natural extension of Kangol, maintaining the same urban approach.

Keys hoodie, courtesy of Renzo Cognini, is the 90s inspired item that someone into this brand would do anything in order to to wear it. I couldn’t agree more: it’s easy to fall in love with it, remembering the large number of hip hop heroes that rocked Kangol during Golden Age hip hop phase.

Its iconic kangaroo in bold dimensions is screenprinted on the front of this item. You can wear this terry cloth white hoodie in many different ways. Are you be a Japanese girl that wears it beneath its opened goose jacket, rather than a London resident that wears this hoodie with a denim jacket? I don’t see any wrong ways to rock this if I think of it. The black and white color palette allows many different ways to live this item in your own way.

The detail that I see more significant and valuable is the treatment given to the tips of the cord. Far from the average shoelaces that you keep on seeing more and more, this cord has tips that look like they had been dipped in gum, for a completely original result.

More branding less problems, is the designer motto here: check how our favorite kangaroo is embroidered on left sleeve, close to the cuff. To complete the design there is also a flag woven label to state that this is an original Kangol item. Distributed in Italy by Number 15, this is your option to reach a new level of coolness: don’t waste it.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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