Kangol ● Liquid Mercury Baseball

Could you wait any longer for a new Kangol Headwear post? I know, right? It was about time! Weather is crazy these days and no matter if you want to hide a bad hairdo or protect from rain, you need a hat. Then in case you are a headwear connoisseur you need a new Kangol cap.

Exactly this morning I was wearing the Staple x Kangol Casual hat and I realized that it is a “special event piece” (I was visiting for the first sime the skate / street shop of a cool friend), not an everyday hat so I thought of this strapback and it is the perfect balance among standing out and not being loud.

It is an everyday hat that stands out for its luxury impact. Its slightly shiny fabric sort of looks like shantung silk. Having designed classic icons in headwear such as Kangol Bermuda Casual and Kangol 507 the brand has the necessary taste to easily reinvent a classic baseball strapback.

Quite smooth and with a perfect curve this dad-cap-meets-catwalk headwear piece is ready to boost your outfits with its international appeal. Don’t tell me yoyu forgot that the claim of this brand is “Born British Raised in New York”. Feel crisp everywhere you walk on this planet when you are rocking a Kangol headpiece. Loved in Russia because of its furry styles that fit well extreme weather condizions but also by Japanese streetwear experts that keep this iconic kangaroo in a high regard, what happens for what concerns this brand in our area?

Even in Italy Kangol makes its presence felt: the always supportive Renzo Cognini sent me this cap for Number 15, Italian distributor of this classic brand, and of course I suggest you to keep an eye on the renewed Kangol Italy Instagram Page for exciting next level style suggestions.

So while you can check out online Kangol apparel on Streetwear Online, the official website of the distributor, caps are available through Kangol Europe website. Do not worry, I make complex things easy for you: easy like a fresh kangaroo standing still, defying the test of time.

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