Kangol ● Lower East t-shirt

Is there anything such as “too much Kangol” in our lives? Of course not! The brand that you identify with the kangaroo on fine hats has a long authentic story that we should not forget by any means. It was 1938 when this brand was conceptualized as follows: K stands for “silk”, ang means “angora” while ol is the ending part of the word “wool”, in case you were wondering what its name stands for. It’s an heritage brand destined to last because of its iconic hats that streetwear fans worship all over the world.

Say it with a t-shirt, then! If that day you don’t feel like wearing a hat, you can show where the love is with a tee. Italian distributor Number 15 has developed his own offically licensed Kangol apparel and guess what? It’s all made in Italy.

Designed thinking of a regular fit with a low collar and using a thin cotton fabric, this item is ready for beach walks on hot Summer days and hotter nights where you set your soul free on the dancefloor. Kangol is never out of place: cool enough to stand out to the eyes of connoisseurs, it is enough clean to be worn wherever you feel like.

With a design similar to that Bunker crewneck that we saw here last season, this tee relies on a craftsmanship where screenprint technique gets along nicely with a flocked logo, to give it a vintage distressed look yet refined…

It’s always a pleasure to review items sent in by grandmaster Renzo Cognini and this one is no exception. Kangol international appeal that was once related to hip hop circles has now expanded to high fashion, as collaborations with Dsquared and Marc Jacobs, to name a couple, are proving.

It is nice to evolve while our staples in life evolve with us and this is definitely the case, with a brand that is never stale even if it has a long history. Yes, this kangaroo keeps on jumping even after all these years. Do the same: jump at the nearest Kangol authorized dealer or cop your tee online from the official website at the following link…

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