Kangol ● Plaid On Plaid Bucket

Not many other headwear brands claim two homes like Kangol does. The brand “Born in England, Raised on the Streets of New York” has a quite unique heritage, if you consider that it dressed the first wave of hip hop stars. I’m talking about Rakim, LL Cool J, Run DMC just to name a few. Its cultural value goes beyond trends and flavor of the month: Kangol is an authority in the streets.


No matter if you dress contemporary fresh or retro: a Kangol hat is never out of place, I am saying so for a while now and I am not going to change my mind. The attention to the evolution of headwear is just an element that Kangol keeps constantly updated but its own twist is crucial in the design phase. Who else could ever think of a mix of two tartan colorways, exploiting to the fullest its British roots?


Welcome to Plaid on Plaid Bucket, an headwear piece whose timeless taste has an automatic appeal: you look at it and you want it. Watching closely you can see that plaid patterns dissects the hat with diagonal seams on the crown, an attention to detail that says a lot about Kangol potential.


Put your folded banknote or your lighter in the little utility pocket on the crown: it is such a pleasure to close it with automatic buttons branded with a kangaroo. Its quite tight crown doesn’t have a wide visor, but on the contrary a very short one, that contributes to create a sort of “private area” effect around your head.


You can pull it off in a million ways with this hat: from a clean golfer style à la Samuel L. Jackson to an uber fresh outfit GullyGuyLeo style, anything goes. Dare all you want with your boldest looks or wear this cap with a navy pullover and chino pants and there is nothing wrong in both cases. Make sure your favorite shop connects with Number 15, the new Italian Kangol distributor for further insights on the best looking caps ever.

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Photos courtesy of Giulia Casamen

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