Kangol ● Seamless Wool 507

Did you recover by the smashing Kangol I posted a couple of days ago? That reflective touch on Urban Utility Bucket Hat was hard to resist, making it a contemporary item ready to match the most bold outfits.

In order to give you the picture of how versatile this brand can be, I’m going retro today, showing you a bit of the actual potential of the Kangol brand. Nobody could ever imagine that a premium headwear brand could survive the test of time from 1938 to today, but this is the measure of its heritage.

We are about another hat with this post with a shape that we saw last season in… a total different impact. Similar to that Star Stripe 507, today we point the spotlight on Seamless Wool 507, a timeless silhouette with a major potential. Destined to keep your head warm when the climate gets harsh, this hat shows no sign of stitchings, being made of melton wool.

Not only this headwear piece can be styled in a classic way by a gentleman that will wear it to go to the golf club, but it can also be part of a mix and match outfit where this element is key in order to create something totally progressive. Enjoy its color and create all the ensembles that you feel like, considering that this ivy cap is also available in 7 more colors, if this one does not represent the ideal match for your selection of sneakers.

Worn backwards in good ole days of 90’s golden age hip hop, when it was easy to find a 507 shape on the head of puppets in graffiti, I don’t see it much in that way in our case. Wear it straight and let the little embroidered kangaroo on your back, as your guarantee of a hat from an iconic brand..

Part of The Maxiemillion Kangol weekly special, this hat is distributed by Number 15 and landed on my hands courtesy of Renzo Cognini. Make sure to come back on Friday, to see the third hat of the week and in the meantime, once you are done browsing extensively Kangol website, make sure you follow the new Kangol Italy Instagram profile.

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