Kangol ● Star Stripe 507

Kangol is more than a brand: is a headwear authority. The brand Born British Raised in New York is setting standards since 1938 that are synonymous with timeless headwear pieces.

Being Kangol able to diversify its proposal through retro fresh designs and iconic classics there is a simple formula behind this brand: its standard of quality and designs are conceived to last. There is no such thing as an old Kangol hat: it’s just a Kangol from a previous season.

We have seen this brand here several times already: considering my passion for old school hip hop, how could it be any different? Kangol was seen as a statement back when it was worn by LL Cool J in its prime rather than Rakim. Not by accident the caps with the little kangaroo ended up in a countless number of graffiti pieces. If at first the animal on the logo, whose cultural value is huge, was made of thermoglued felt, nowadays to make it last longer it has become a state of the art embroidery.

We give a look today at the Star Stripe 507, courtesy of mastermind Renzo Cognini that made sure to send me a crisp selection of Kangol caps. Similar to the Bamboo 507 that we saw here a long time ago, this shape is a bit stiffer, considering its taller silhouette. With its blocked design, this ivy cap is divided into 3 sections: a panel in the center together with twin line stripes on side panels. Its seamless and knitted construction allow the strips to follow the curve of the cap.

Wear it as you like, this headwear piece is ready for all the combinations you have in mind: from clean retro outfits to wild mix and match contrasting ensembles, this cap has game. Rock it backwards if you like it, there is no way that Star Stripe 507 may feel out of place.

Distributed in Italy by Number 15, this item is just an anticipation of the several Kangol items that I will post. Don’t jump too far: keep following The Maxiemillion and I will show the finest headwear for a spicy flavor.

Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi
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