Kangol ● T-Bronx t-shirt

I made a special Kangol week last month with three posts about hats, then last week I posted a limited edition Kangol x Staple Casual, but then I realized that there is one part of the collection that needed to shine just as much as hats: apparel.


The little kangaroo that appeared on headwear worn by The Beatles just like by Lady D, is also the main character of a clothing line that is ready to dress every urban individual looking for an exclusive flavor. If your goal is standing out you won’t be disappointed with what Kangol has in stock for you.


This is why I am going to have an extra Kangol week starting with this post that revolves on T-Bronx t-shirt, courtesy of Renzo Cognini and Number 15. With a sleeve screenprint that we have seen already when I posted Chuck t-shirt stressing once again the claim of this brand that sees Kangol “Born British raised on the streets of New York”.


The brand puts the attention on its worldwide appeal with such claim that couldn’t be more on point. It is a matter of fact that Kangol represent a cult brand for Japanese fans just like for high fashion aficionados that want to spice up their outfits with something special. T-Bronx t-shirt expresses pure love for Kangol in a discreet way, making its pocket the focal point of the item. With a graphic representing a 90’s hip hop fan rocking a hat by the brand and the woven label on the side of the pocket it ain’t hard to tell: the goal of the tee is to have the maximum impact with minimal design. This allows you to make this tee your own easily, regardless of your personal style.


I may have said it already but I never get tired of it: when there are printed sleeves you should bring out your best sleeveless vest and play the (outfit) game by its rules. I will get back with more Kangol apparel suggestions this week, but you in the meantime give a follow to Kangol Italia Instagram profile: between me and them, you can’t go wrong.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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