Kangol ● Tropic Ventair Spacecap

I have an hard time to remain neutral when I post a Kangol item. The name itself brings me back at the beginning of hip hop. Looking at the little embroidered kangaroo makes me visualize images of Biggie Smalls, LL Cool J, Run DMC, Eric B and Rakim, but the British brand came into the scene as a main character a lot earlier.

It was 1938 when Kangol first saw the light of day. Jacques Spreiregen felt that he shouldn’t miss an opportunity to create headwear pieces shaped like Basque Berets and in that year he starts the brand whose acronim is explained as follows: K from knitting, ANG from angora and OL from wool. Its level of quality was able to make even The Beatles or Princess Diana proud Kangol wearers. From that stage of the brand, somebody related to hip hop culture started wearing it and the brand literally created a legacy from that. It was during the 80s that the brand gained a fame that made people enter stores in Canal St. in New York asking for “those caps with the kangaroo” n these few words it’s easy to understand why the claim “Born British raised on the streets of New York” fits the brand perfectly.

Part of Bollman Hat Company umbrella and distributed in Italy by Number 15, Kangol now more than ever is ready to give a retro touch to your outfits in the best way: with current colorways ready to emphasize its timeless shapes.

Renzo Cognini showed support and sent me over this Tropic Ventair Spacecap. Called in this way because its “pattern allows ventilation air flow for ultimate comfort” this cap is not an everyday item: it deserves a delicate match to its lavender pastel tone.

It may be shaped like a baseball cap but its knitted construction has nothing much to share with your average Yankees cap. The thread that this cap is made of is 60% polyester, 40% acrylic and it is available in sizes from S to XXL. Forget adjustable caps, this is a superior headwear piece so a proper fit is the only choice. Step your headwear game up, it’s about time…

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