Kangol ● Urban Utility Bucket hat

I started to figure out things recently and my love for Kangol since its early days, together with the upcoming Christmas that means gifts for your loved ones, make me declare this an official Kangol week.

Considering the good job made by Number 15 with the distribution of the brand all over Italian territory, the support of its agent Renzo Cognini for this blog and the newborn Instagram profile Kangol Italy it was just right to show where I stand and give this operation all the support I can. I will never get tired of saying it: Kangol is a street royalty when it comes to headwear design. Not by accident nowadays that the word “street” is in everybody’s mouth when it comes to evolution of fashion it’s easy to see hats by this brand included in high fashion shootings or on the catwalk.

Let’s start with Urban Utility Bucket hat, a visionary style that we don’t see around every day. Absolute master of all kinds of bucket shapes, the brand with the coolest kangaroo gives a contemporary upgrade to its range with a sprinkle of utility. With the excuse to be seen on the streets at night while working, this hat can also work in your favor at every event at night where the photographer may point its flash at you, to include your pretty face in the album of those attending.

Beside the obvious matching with an utility vest (that seems to be a skateboarder favorite these days), its nylon structure has a reflective band and piping that get along easily with your reflective accents on the sneakers.

For what concerns its shape, the brim is quite wide, smooth and almost flat, making it a hat with an overall design different from the stiff silhouette of other styles like Tropic Casual Hat, to name one.

You may feel this one as your ideal hat but don’t worry if it doesn’t represent your cup of tea: it will be easy for you to fall in love with one the other two that we will see this week. Don’t go anywhere, stay tuned with The Maxiemillion, the blog that knows that Kangol is the choice of kings.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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