Kangol – Alphabet Links snapback

You know that when it comes to headwear, to read this blog it’s easy like ABC, like the Jackson 5 made a comeback. This time in front of this Kangol cap, it’s really like that, if you consider that its name is Alphabet Links snapback. Take all the letters that form the name of this brand, put them in a shaker and give it to your favorite bartender: he will pour them on the crown of this snapback and the result is really outstanding. In a Riddler perspective the name of the brand has been turned into a sort of puzzle where it’s up to you to guess that these letters on the cap stand for Kangol. This is really funny but this cap on the head of Iade G is no joke. Its contrast peak and color blocked under visor show the proper craftsmanship that this brand got us used to. Being born in 1920, Kangol is without a doubt a veteran in the headwear game and this is something that nobody can deny, considering how wide the selection of these items is. The key of the mission of this brand is to blend classic styles with new ideas in order to provide the perfect cap for you, no matter if you need to keep the sun out of your eyes while you are golfing or if you drop wicked rhymes whenever a microphone is thrown at you. The freshness of this Alphabet Links snapback is evident so, when you need to rely on a solid brand to match an outfit with a sprinkle of yellow, you know where to get it.

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