Kangol – Bermuda Casual hat

In these days of bucket hats in full bloom I just can’t forget my roots. It was 1987 when I was feeling the style and the power of this microphone phenomenon called LL Cool J. He was the man back in the day: best rhymes, untouchable production and attitude like no others. All this with an ever present Kangol on his head. This is the first encounter that I had with this unique headwear brand. Tied to hip hop like no other, it’s safe to say that this brand at a point was a sign of distinction when you saw somebody wearing it. Even in graffiti there were a bunch of puppets wearing shelltoes and a Kangol cap. I am showing you today the classic of all classics: the Bermuda Casual. If you think you have seen it all because you came in contact with a couple of cotton bucket hats with floral patterns this summer, I am sorry to tell you that you have a distorted vision of the truth: Kangol Bermuda Casual is the truth. Its shape, the short visor and the embroidered little kangaroo make this an authentic icon that passed the test of time. Founded in UK in 1938 with a name that is the sum of the K in silk, the ang in angora and the ol in wool, this brand has a penchant for quality materials and superior craftsmanship since day one. Don’t bring back a complete old school kit here: wear your Bermuda Casual hat with modern pieces and you will be the man, kinda like LL Cool J was.

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