Kangol – Oxford Spey

I heard a buzz from Kangol lately around this bucket hat. The brand “Born British Raised in New York” is pushing this Oxford Spey both on Instagram and on its US website so there must be a reason. I am interested in headwear with a deep passion as you know by now so I can’t hold back when there are relevant news. This bucket hat worn by Jessica T is special because of its fabric. It has been used to create the Oxford collection, a micro capsule that also includes Oxford Baseball Cap and Oxford Cap. Check the texture with a subtle 2 colour weave. Its smooth and classy appeal goes hand in hand with a carefree lifestyle where you want to look good without letting people entering your zone. Once a cap like this hides your eyes it’s like having a “do not disturb” sign on your forehead. With its vintage workwear appeal, this cap gives you the picture of what a brand born in 1938 can actually do. This item basically gives a new identity to the funny buckets that we have seen around up to now. May you imagine an elegant man going on holiday in tropical destinations wearing this just to avoid sun rays? It’s just another alternative that Kangol brings you. The brand that created the icon known as Bermuda Casual just gave life to another outstanding cap. Complete with a couple of brass rivets for each side to ensure proper ventilation, to sign this cap the only thing missing was a woven logo in tonal colors. Keep them buzzes circulating, Kangol! Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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