Kangol ● Reefer Cuff beanie

Kangol takes care of your head like no other brand. What do you expect from a company that since 1938 has its focus on headwear and headwear only? This means that you can have a cap for every occasion in any type of weather. You may wear this Kangol beret to go to work, that Kangol snapback to party, another one to go to an elegant event… the list is endless.

When Kangol puts his designers to work on a beanie, expect great things because “average” is not a word in the dictionary of this brand. These Reefer Cuff beanies here worn by Ylenia G and Amanda R are real simple but shows signs of great attention to detail. Call it a connoisseur piece but usually all your beanies are acrylic and these are 100% wool. Their design is inspired by classic sailor style but they are crafted with a more than current procedure: it has a seamless, knitted & felted construction with a folded cuff. Look closely and on those cuffs you will find a leather label that gives a touch of luxury to the item.

Grey and navy blue are just two of the three colors available, together with black. As you can easily understand from the outfits of our girls here, you can make this cap your own with each and every style on the planet. Keep your outfit clean or aggressive, dressy or casual but there is virtually no way to make this cap look bad.

For all the other ways to cover your head during this season, Kangol website has plenty more to offer (that other brands don’t).

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