Kangol – Tropic Casual hat

History keeps on repeating. How dumb I was at school, not understanding the actual value of this matter. If something happened, most likely it will happen again. This applies to everything especially to fashion (and to street fashion). I couldn’t pass on the option to show you this Kangol milestone revisited. We are talking about Tropic Casual hat. Very similar to that Bermuda Casual that we saw here in September 2014 for what concerns its shape, this one that Silvia DZ is wearing is made with tropical weather in mind. Its yarn is a polyester blend that has been a staple in the collection since the late 50s. These days such a shape seem to be on its comeback tip. Why do I say so? If in a couple of weeks first you see Lucien Clarke on Vogue as one of the 5 Professional Skaters With Seriously Good Style wearing a terry cloth Bermuda Casual then the Supreme Gucci Mane ad by Harmony Korine where a white furry Bermuda Casual profiles here and there. What more shall I say if this is not enough to you?! Kangol has a worldwide reputation that precedes it as a leader and the proof is that it is still crafting captivating versions of timeless classics. Like this was not enough in its range you can find an endless assortment of caps of all shapes and materials that can get along with each and every outfit of yours. Seeing is believing: take some time to browse Kangol website and you will get amazed by what you will see. Are you ready to write history again with Kangol? Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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