Kangol x Samuel L. Jackson – P2i Golf Diamond Tex 507

I am realizing that the range of headwear that appeared on this blog is endless. No one wants to wear the same shirt everywhere: there is one to take care of your desk duties, one to have dinner with your significant other and then there is another one to wild out at a summer festival. Same for caps. There are still people that think that all you should wear is one cap but here at The Maxiemillion headwear is an exact science. Every occasion needs a proper cap and Kangol couldn’t agree more. The heritage brand “born British, raised on the streets of New York” has an endless number of caps to make your style shine in the city and beyond. From a friendly bbq in your backyard with your friends to a classy golf course where you dress with finesse, there is more than an occasion to wear this Samuel L. Jackson P2i Golf Diamond Tex 507. Destined to people that master superior outfit combining skills à la Andre 3000, this yellowish headpiece worn by Francesca C is designed following indication by the great Samuel L. Jackson. It’s not the first time that I post here a cap belonging to his signature collection, remember? This Diamond Tex fabric reminds a sort of irregular corduroy but if you look closer it’s actually a geometric pattern made of triangles. It has has been treated with P2i, the nano technology that avoids liquids to get in touch with both textiles and electronics. Leave the “one cap only” rule to other people and when it’s time for a Kangol, accept no substitutes. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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