Kangol ● Furgora Casual hat

To do a proper review of this Kangol hat all I have to do is to peep real quick LL Cool J “Jingling Baby” and the rest follows automatically. That LL joint came out in 1989 but the Bermuda Casual hat that he is wearing goes way back.

A milestone in modern headwear, Kangol fascination with this hat made possible the creation of several variations. We have seen a couple here on The Maxiemillion already. Remember the Bermuda Casual made of terry cloth? How about the Tropic Casual version for hotter days? In these pictures of Vanessa G we are in front of the definition of “iconic”.

The shape that keeps on giving, a hat that survived the test of time in each and every material ever produced is here, ready to face winter harsh temperatures, thanks to its blend of Angora wool that makes it really smooth and warm. The Slate Grey version that you are looking at is one of the 5 colorways available of this Furgora Casual hat (including the same yellow LL is rocking in that video).

To wear this piece properly you just need to have a cool attitude but the possibility are endless: are you a woman that is going to match this with a designer bag? Are you a pro skater that wants to have a retro swagger? A nostalgic rap fan? Or more simply somebody that recognizes superior design when he sees it? I could go on with a lot more possibilities but I don’t want you to waste time: time for you to head to Kangol website and cop this hat

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