Kabak ● Eye To Eye socks

Kabak is a Polish word that means “canoe”. If you think that the philosophy of this brand goes with the flow, just like a canoe would do in a river, it sure makes sense but let’s start from the beginning. I was talking to somebody, hanging in front of a booth at Bright Tradeshow and I was rocking my official Muppet Show socks portraying Animal, the barbarian drummer of the show that was a staple in my youth.

While I talk my attention got caught by this girl at Kabak booth: she was wearing a pair of socks of the same shade of burgundy of mines, but hers had eyes instead of the crazy head of Animal. So I show her my socks and told her that we should be friends. Her name was Ola and she had to recognize that her Eye to Eye socks looked very similar to mines and then we start to chat.

She explained me how important it is for Kabak to represent an all Polish crew that would make her items authentic, that quality is as much important as design and the talking goes on. Even raw materials are crucial for this brand: combed cotton makes the product pleasant to wear, long lasting and not sensitizing.

Beside the products it’s the taste of the brand that makes it special. From penguins to boats everything can inspire Kabak designer Kasia.

Go with the flow like Elena S in these pictures and give a chance to a young and dynamic start up. Show support to this brand that, beside socks, has sweet belts and ill beanies also available on its website.

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