Keen ● Highland Arway

Gone are the days of flip flops and cropped tops: the gloomy sensation that we may get looking out of the window these days needs effective tools to be reduced to a minimum.

Starting with the way you dress and the shoes that you wear, it’s getting hard these days to come up with something progressive but Keen has something for you. The brand from Oregon that is specialized in footwear to front its mountain scenery, recently dropped a style that captured my attention.

Keen had a vision: an hybrid style of sneakers that will protect you while you front harsh weather conditions, beside making you look good. Like these two aspects weren’t enough on their own, you can also do your part to recycle raw materials, in order to make this world a better place.

We saw this style not long ago in a different version when I reviewed Highland Leather Casual. If the two Highland sneakers are based on the same design, their impact is totally different, both on a visual and environmental level.

The cozy sensation that this style gives is here to see: its material evokes a feeling of warm feet just looking at it. Far from the rugged impact of a pair of boots, these sneakers are here to change the game.

Not only this melton wool upper, here shown in its Steel Grey / Drizzle colorway, looks great but it is also very easy to match, because of its neutral tone. As I said this is 50% recycled wool and this alone worths considering these sneakers from another perspective.

With its approach dedicated to outdoor footwear, Keen developed this style thinking of the city, giving you the best of both worlds. Slip your feet inside and feel the comfort of its high-rebound cushioning due to its abrasion-resistant EVA outsole.

This feature combined with its removable Luftcell PU insole are your guarantee: these are lifestyle shoes that you can enjoy wearing the whole day. Ideal for commuters that look for something effective to stand on their feet all day, these sneakers represent one of many styles available on Keen website. It’s about time for you to do your next move: pick your pair and smile at Winter approaching.

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Photos courtesy of Giovanni Legrenzi

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