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I always try to give the right exposure to streetwear and footwear, picking up items that deserve to shine, that maybe you missed because you were too busy looking at the wrong stores. No need to worry: here I am and I have a great surprise for you.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2003, Keen Footwear is a brand that sees shoes from a different perspective. With the goal to create a sense of community through shoes that give a new sense to life outdoors, Keen philosophy states it loud and clear: “We create original and versatile products, improve lives and inspire outside adventure”.

Isn’t outdoor one of the sections of leisure wear that gets everybody on its toes? I am feeling this brand that, by coincidence, falls in my hands with perfect timing, so I am here to present you Uneek SNK.

Blending the knowledge in sandal design with a contemporary sneaker silhouette, this style is destined to be a summer favorite for those that can’t walk not wearing sneakers by any means.

Slide your feet inside the stretch jersey bootie hidden by all the cords and you will enter a new world of comfort. Stable and wrapped around your feet, the Uneek is concerned not only about the way you feel when you walk, but also about the environment. With a brilliant perspective on raw materials, its upper are in fact made of recycled PET. Comfortable and environmentally conscious, Keen gives you the best of both worlds with this style.

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to Keen progressive vision: Uneek insoles are infused with probiotic technology that breaks down odor in sweat through a natural process.

On a last note, think how you can now expose your socks on the side, making an impact like never before. Did I tell you already that the heel pull is reflective?

Being a staple in Keen range, Uneek is available in a wide assortment of colors, no matter if we talk mens shoes or womens shoes (and also including kids shoes). Time for something new for real…

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