“Keep it goin it won’t stop! (What you doin man?)/I’m comin for that number one spot!” (Ludacris)

More a statement than a fashion shot. More an attitude thing than an actual review. No matter what your game is, there is nothing you can do about it: all you want to do is win. Get that crown. Bring home some broccoli. I fight this blog thing war by myself. Making those connections work on my phone, taking pictures (not here, of course, this is once again Roberta Ungaro work indeed, you guessed it), writing while I steal time to my intense life but you know why I do it, right? I do it to be the numero uno. That’s what I always say as a compliment in Italian to my friends when they take care of things as they should: numero uno. Obviously when I had the chance to see this piece in Urban Classics catalog my mind went easily through all the matching combinations and this tee is a winner, let me tell you. Wear it with that royal blue and white TLFI Doyers cap that I reviewed last july. Damn. Wear it with those vintage RBK DGK Stevie Williams Pump made of basketball orange rubber and you’re getting close to the point: this tee is number one. Even Lucilla, my cute model girl here of course is number one. She is wearing a man item in case you have doubts about it. That’s what is fresh about these pictures. Roberta shoot her during a set that won’t be forgotten, applying professionalism to a field that was new to her known as urban blogging. She is a numero uno too, that’s why the pics came out this dope. I’m embarassed sometimes to see how good pics look in my blog these days compared to the beginning. By the way being number one is my goal as far as fun, brands and people involved. I don’t want to kiss a** to people just because they have some fresh stuff to review but I think that they’re not so cool. Doing things all by myself includes to take care of that Facebook page here above in the top right corner that has much more updates these days than the actual blog. Boma Agency is the one to call to get Urban Classics for your urban shop. They are doing their thing, starting up things as a small distribution deal but they have the heart to stay close to what the message of this tee shirt is. You guessed it once again: Boma Agency is numero uno too.

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