Killer by Pietro Ferrante – Bracelet DBRCH515

We started to talk about Pietro Ferrante line called Killer at the end of 2013. Go back and read that post to know how it all started. The Master jeweler at a point of his career wanted to create jewels that help communication. We are talking about silver plated costume jewelry that express your mood and not your wealth. This is the Pietro Ferrante vision that turned into a lifetime mission. Always busy creating jewels that like Prince album are a “Sign o’ the times”, today we give a look to the Bracelet DBRCH515, here in the hands of Clio P. This modern era we all live in can’t stop progress. Aren’t we all obsessed by hi-tech gadgets, smartphones and mp3 players that let us keep more than 20 albums in our hand? Time to wear our headphones and blast music at full volume then. No DJ can play our music better than we do and we do not need any audience but ourselves. Those little coins with the number 1 can only bring you nice things. What a better lucky charm than Uncle Scrooge Number 1?! You have a pretty good set up here: music and money. To say it all it has been hard to pick up a bracelet among all those that belong to Killer collection. Inspired by tattoos, rough times and a true love for a rock’n’roll attitude that never goes out of style, it’s easy to fall in love with a Killer piece. Don’t get caught without one for any reason unless you don’t have anything to communicate (but in this case you wouldn’t be reading this now). Pictures courtesy of ArteStudioBG.

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