Killer by Pietro Ferrante ● Keychain pant Calavera

Pietro Ferrante is not your average jeweler, that’s a fact. It’s not by accident that his friends call him “Il maestro”. This man did it all when it comes to his professional career. Once he had the technique mastered, he went all around the world in search of new horizons to expand his ability.

He’s a bit like Julio Cesar in the jewelry field: “Veni, vidi, vici”. He came in the game, he saw the limits of what it’s possible and he is an overall winner. Tired of designing jewelry for other people, he thought that it was about time to give his own flavor to the matter he transforms.

No more pieces that you can only dream of then, but jewels that you and I can afford. The item that you are looking at is actually brass covered by 4 micron of white bronze and 1 micron of silver.

I have seen chain wallets of all kinds in my life. Of course: I was down with every little trend in skateboarding and when Matt Hensley was wearing a chain wallet… all of us had one, there didn’t seem to be any other option available.

The version from Il Maestro is a notch over the rest: the filigree craftsmanship of that Calavera skull is impressive and the hook to hang it with the words “destroy disorient disorder” makes everybody understand what the deal is all about.

Available in Italy in the best street shops, don’t panic if you can’t find it: there is a Pietro Ferrante online store with all the goodies that you need in order to shine.

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