“I twist darts from the heart, tried and true/loop my voice on the LP, Martini on the slang rocks” (Cappadonna)

Killer by Pietro Ferrante kills me every time. I sure couldn’t expect that the brand created by a master of the fine art of crafting jewels could have so many original pieces. I got initiated to the bubble chain thing when I was on holiday in California in 2007: I bought one and I had a couple of interchangeable pendants but who could imagine that a few years later I would have been dealing with a double pendant?!

The concept is revolutionary to say the least: a combination of two pieces belonging to the same theme to give it more strength. I asked specifically to review this PGR heart and Cross because it has a strong Latin approach to jewelry. It brought out memories of one of the coolest movies ever: Romeo and Juliet by Baz Luhrman. That movie was full of guns, grease and gangsters. In that aesthetic the silver plated jewel that Elena DL is wearing would have been perfect.

It represents the thin line that connects the bad boy (or girl) to the hand of God always on his head to protect him. Beside the meaning itself, we are in front of a piece with a street attitude that doesn’t forget the principles of jewelery that made Pietro Ferrante the master he is today. A signature on the back of both pieces is there to remind you that this is the real deal. You can get this piece or one of the many others available from your local dealer or straight from Pietro Ferrante website.

Accept no substitutes: no other jewelry collection has the right to claim that what they do is Killer!

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