Killer By Pietro Ferrante ● Love Sex Skull bracelet

Skulls are part of rock culture since it exists and Pietro Ferrante is well aware of this. Bikers love them and no place is safe from skulls: from their leather jacket to their jewelry.

This fascinating symbol, the link among life and death, is familiar to skateboarders since day one. Of course: at the beginning the average skateboarder was into punk rock and had an Hell’s Angel attitude. This means a social outcast, hanging with his peers and not caring about the outside world.

The skull was a scary symbol back then. Skateboarders took its punk heritage, mixed it with surf style and with the devotion of military aviation that made it a scaramantic icon. Lately the fashion system run dry of cool ideas, so they stole a lot from rock, punk and counterculture in general, skulls included.

Think Alexander McQueen in mainstream fashion and Black Scale in streetwear. Killer by Pietro Ferrante doesn’t need to copy: this brand leads the pack. The Master jeweler behind this couldn’t care less about what other jewelers do: he’s too busy doing his thing.

That’s why the result of his hard work is a very wide range of rings, bracelets, keychains and more. That’s why he can give life to a creation like the one that Sally B is wearing. A silver plated Skull bracelet with a toggle clasp sprinkled with humor is what we are talking about.

The circle that says “Love Sex American Express” is amazing and it works in any sense you think about it. Be sexy: rock Killer jewelry.

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