“Knock ’em out the box Mos, knock ’em out Mos/knock ’em out the box Mos, knock ’em out Mos” (Black Star)

One of the points of strenght of this blog is evident, in case you didn’t pay mind up to now: it’s real. Forget those boring pictures from communication agencies that turn any post into a clone of another post, this is my urban diary and you, the reader have a close access of what goes around here. I find this alone fantastic. So, being the Facebook page of The Maxiemillion among the “likes” of New Era Europe on that same social network, I received a package in the mail. Who doesn’t like packages? They’re the exact contrary of bills: keep them comin! A tiny cube delivered via UK’s own Royal Mail. Stuff like this always makes my day. When I opened it and I saw what you see now here I was more than stoked. I was familiar already with micro 59fifty caps of 4 1/4 size (every New Era guest at Bread & Butter Berlin had a black one last time) but sure I couldn’t expect this. An official invitation with a r.s.v.p. note for New Era event of tomorrow in Milan. In case you aren’t familiar with what the talk of the town, ops… the talk of the continent is, you may read Enquire post on New Era Introducing. Ok, you don’t speak Italian or you find me too serious when I write there, so you wanna have a laugh with me here. Come and get some, then. Stuff like this makes Lil Jon scream “yeah” better. New Era Introducing basically is get that cap, reinvent that cap and get the money. All this with a bunch of fun involved. London, Berlin, Milan, Barcellona, Paris, Stockholm, Cape Town and Dubai are the cities involved in this tour that leaves people wondering “how they could do this?!” more than a David Copperfield illusion. Creative minds from the best schools of design of Europe, Middle East and Africa get a chance to kickstart their career with 10 thousand British Pounds as a prize for the illest realization of a one of a kind New Era 59fifty. I guarantee that you will see soon here on your favourite blog (tell me this is your favourite blog, please…) a report of the event that will make you wish you were celebrating with us. This kind of event needs to be witnessed in person. I know that you’ve heard this before, but you have never seen an event with an energy alike that mixes an art expo with a street fashion event with the colours and the fun of a toy shop. See you there tomorrow? Don’t forget to introduce yourself when you see me. You can recognize me easily: I wear a 59fifty.

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