Komono ● Vivien Spumante

Komono is on the same wavelength of my state of mind: quality and design of a superior level at a price that even me and you can afford. It’s not even a matter of how wealthy you are but rather how you like to spend your money. This brand develops different concepts, from sunglasses to watches with a clean style that can be at times colorful and some other times neuter. These Vivien sunglasses, here shown in their Spumante colorway, fall definitely in the second category. Clear polyacetate with a metal core and UV400 lenses are the technical datas of these sunglasses, ready to impress no matter where you are. The round shape was gone for a few decades but recently it came back with a vengeance, creating a sort of competition on “who copped the coolest round sunglasses”. Very far from those with mirrored lenses that everybody and their cousins bought from street vendors last year, pretending they didn’t: here we talk about a brand that is available through Blue Distribution in selected urban stores. As far as dimensions, Vivien sunglasses are a bit smaller than the average. This means that you may wear them, no matter what, but if your face isn’t of the same size of my friend Irene A in these pictures, you may have a different result. In that case your option becomes the other model of sunglasses from Komono that I posted last month: the Clement. Before you leave for your holidays, make sure to check this brand on Blak website: it’s sale time even there

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