“True as a wizard, just a blizzard, I ain’t taken no crap/I’m rhymin’ and designin’ with your girl in my lap” (LL Cool J)

Here we are, exploring the wonderful world of little things. You call them komono in Japanese and today we have the chance to look closely to not one, not two but three… Komono watches. We saw this piece in the past, remember? It was a Wizard Paisley print.

Here we have two other Wizard designs: Peacock (golden) and Tie Dye (gunmetal). Very similar to this model but made of rubber is the Fat Wizard, here shown in its Seafoam colorway. These little things that you put on your wrist to know what time it is are conceived following a simple principle where design is everything.

Like you were Prince girlfriend, you don’t need to be rich to wear a Komono watch. You need taste. You need to combine an aesthetically pleasant outfit where an essential piece like this, whose colors are explosive, meets your garments. The fun part of the game is that there are no rules.

Match your colors or don’t match them at all. Wear your Wizard if you are a woman but also if you are a man. It’s easy to fall in love with any of these three pieces but there are 26 more Wizard and 11 more Fat Wizard to chose from.

Beside its look a Komono watch is also reliable: its Japan quartz movement is water resistant up to 3 atmospheres and its strap with genuine leather details and lining is capable of withstanding your daily abuse.

I suggest you to browse with attention Komono website because you will find much more than watches there. Blue Distribution knows how to bring class to the urban scenario.

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