Komono ● Wizard Print Series Paisley

When you are facing a Komono watch you are entering a dimension of absolute design. Leave alone definitions that make you waste your time: in case you forgot, time is money. But word to Jermaine Dupri & Jay Z, money ain’t a thing when you approach this brand belonging to Blue Distribution roster. In a revolutionary plan to conquer the people on this planet that show taste, Komono thinks that showing off money won’t buy you style. Komonism movement will take over mass toys, when it comes to watches and sunglasses, relying on a tactic that is simple yet effective: past is the new future. Retro inspired modern design is key when it comes to Komono range of little things (that you call “komono” in Japanese). Francesca B is wearing on her wrist a Wizard belonging to the Print series that includes 16 more designs where you can surely find the one that breaks your heart. This one is called Paisley and it has the merit to bring back this design at the right time. Paisley motifs were very popular during the mid eighties among new wave and dark fans. It evoqued a sense of dandy elegance that it’s nice to see it again in a period where contrast visors and 5 panels cap with animalier, floral and hawaiian designs are unstoppable. How can’t the colorful strap with genuine leather details and lining not conquer you?! Japanese quartz movement and a slim 36mm case are other important features of this piece. When you’ll see Komonism takeover, you know it will happen for a better living.

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